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What is perinatal hospice

It sometimes happens that the straight line of life suddenly gets tangled and jagged in spite of our wishes. One such experience is a moment when expectant parents hear that their unborn baby is terminally ill. The parents experience acute stress, helplessness, loneliness. Under such circumstances it is extremely difficult to make decisions and find the best possible solutions. A response to the needs of families in these hard times is perinatal palliative care.
The idea of perinatal hospice
Prenatal tests done during pregnancy are common. Thanks to them it is possible to detect baby's defects and conditions more often and earlier, already in the mother's womb. Many Parents expecting the birth of a baby learn about his or her life-threatening condition. The idea of perinatal hospice meets the needs of such families.
The Priest Joseph Tischner Children's Hospice in Cracow provides perinatal care for the family expecting the birth of a terminally ill baby. Those Parents who decide to give birth to a terminally ill baby receive comprehensive help and support from our hospice both during pregnancy and after the baby's birth, as well as after his or her departure.
Who we are
Our hospice has been helping terminally ill children and their families for over 10 years (since 2004). Family teams are made of doctors specialising in different fields, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and other ancillary staff. Having earned the trust of many parents and ill children, enriched with their experience, we are ready to ACCOMPANY the families who are expecting the birth of a terminally ill baby, and together with parents create optimal conditions for the baby while he or she is alive.
How we work / What kind of help we offer
If you are a Parent expecting the birth of a baby who is terminally ill and whose life is in danger, you can contact us and receive help. Our contact phone number (663 814 005) is at your disposal. You can also apply for hospice care in another way (details on our website under the bookmark “How we help – Children and family care – How to apply for hospice care”). The help we offer is in each case adjusted to the Family's individual needs. Our work is always based on the relation between our specialists and Parents, as well as the closest relatives. Being attentive to the voice of Parents enables us to support them in making crucial decisions related to the course of pregnancy, birth and the time of being with the baby.

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