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A scholarship is an individual award for pupils and students whose interests go beyond the school programme and who have outstanding scientific, artistic or athletic achievements.

A scholarship is a financial support that should be allocated in order to develop the students' and pupils' abilities and talents.
The contest proceeedings consist of three stages:

During St. Nicholas' Day gathering all students/pupils have the opportunity to present themselves as a candidate for the scholarship. This self-presentation is crucial to the decision-making board.

Between February and April there will be an interview with all the candidates for the final decision for particular scholarship awards.

During annual meetings in Lopuszna, which takes place on the last weekend of May, each candidate should give a 5-minute presentation on how to allocate the scholarship funds. For successful completion of the task, you can ask a volunteer to help you. The scholarship finalists will be announced during the gathering in Lopuszna. Last year the scholarship was granted to 24 people. We hereby inform that unclaimed scholarship funds will be forfeited.

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