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Psychologist on duty - Perinatal Hospice

Address: ul. Różana 11/1, Kraków (meeting upon previous appointment by phone)
Thursday: 5 pm – 7 pm
Phone:+48 661 101 464 , +48 663 814 008

Psychologist on duty at the perinatal hospice is a service dedicated to Parents awaiting the birth of a baby who was diagnosed with a life-threatening terminal condition. The psychological advice is free and non-binding. Making an appointment is not tantamount to admission to the hospice. It is an opportunity to discuss possible solutions and get the idea what the support given to the family and baby as part of perinatal hospice looks like and is about. First and foremost, it is an opportunity to be with somebody and share one's emotions, thoughts and plans related to the unborn baby's unfavourable diagnosis.

If Parents are determined to cooperate with the perinatal hospice or decide to do so after the psychological advice, medical consultation will follow, which will allow to qualify the family for perinatal care.

The hospice offers various forms of support: medical, psychological, spiritual and others, depending on the family's and baby's needs and current situation. Parents decide which forms of support to take advantage of. The care for the family and baby provided as part of the perinatal hospice is completely free of charge.


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