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Public Benefit Organisation

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Help for the family

Within our hospice's operation we help families on many different levels. We provide the basic medical, nursing, rehabilitative, pedagogical and psychological care for the sick children and also cater for the families of our charges. We organise summer and winter holiday tours, every year we go all together to Łopuszna, we prepare Saint Nicholas and Christmas Day gatherings as well as concerts. Every now and then we also help families by granting scholarships for the healthy siblings of our charges. Sometimes we invite families to take part in our support groups meetings. The meetings are held by our specialists and facilitate acceptance and adaptation to the new circumstances the whole family has faced. And other times we provide material aid, e.g. reimbursement for medication, medical eqipment, special financial grants or help with the necessary house renovation. Each gesture of help is chosen individually. We adjust it to the families' genuine needs and the hospice's current financial capacity. Nonetheless, the main concern of our work is to make sure that no family that has contacted us is left to their own devices, also after the child's discharge from the hospice or his or her passing. The motto of our work is „Love understands us” by priest Joseph Tischner because „What heaves you, lifts you up and raises up is love” (priest Josepf Tischner).

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