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Perinatal hospice/Cooporation proposal

The Priest Joseph Tischner Children's Hospice in Cracow is looking forward to cooperating with ANYONE who would like to help in creating a new sphere of our hospice's activity, which is perinatal hospice.

The most important condition of engaging in such cooperation is agreeing on the assumption guiding the perinatal hospice, namely, that the healing factor for families awaiting the birth of a lethally ill baby is accompanying them in their parental pathway during the pregnancy, after the birth and after the baby's death by:

  1. supporting them in their decision to continue the pregnancy,
  2. acknowledging that the decision to continue the pregnancy may entail a number of difficult experiences for the family, but may also be a precious, fruitful experience if proper support is provided,
  3. planning, together with parents, the future care for the baby, respecting the parents' decision and taking into consideration the baby's diagnosis,
  4. giving reliable information about the baby, his or her illness, clarifying doubts,
  5. abstaining from actions (diagnostic, curative) aiming to prolong the baby's life in suffering,
  6. taking such actions in cooperation with the family whose aim would be to ensure comfort of the family and the baby and the best possible quality of life of the baby while he or she is alive,
  7. considering the emotional state of parents, especially acknowledging their right to grief, which can last from the moment of the adverse diagnosis, through the pregnancy, after the baby's birth and death,
  8. engaging in cooperation with other specialists at the perinatal hospice, who create a support network for the family.

Formal terms of cooperation: Jolanta Goździk, MD, Ph.D., board member of the Priest Joseph Tischner Children's Hospice in Cracow, tel. 663 814 005, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">[email protected]

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